Giving a presentation in 2021 means engaging your audience, using functioning and good looking features and knowing when to take a break. Whether you give a lecture, demonstration or speech, the PowerPoint Timer is a useful and indispensable tool for your presentation. Let us explain.

1. The timer gives structure

During your presentation you can easily get lost in time. We get it, you’re passionate about the topic – but your audience needs some air from time to time. In other cases, a brainstorm session might get out of hand, or the Q&A takes longer than you anticipated. How spontaneous that may be, no or unstructured interruptions don’t often enhance the audience’s attention or the quality of your story. With a PowerPoint Timer, you can plan structured, clear breaks during your presentation.

While preparing, think up logical, fun intermezzos to add to your presentation. Like a short quiz, a brainstorm in small groups, or a coffee break (definitely add a coffee break). Next, add slides to your PowerPoint and insert the PowerPoint Timer(s) where you want. Set a clock – 30 seconds, 15 minutes or as long as you need – and see how you and your audience enjoy the structure during the presentation.

2. The timer WORKS

We all remember that one teacher at high school who never understood a thing about audiovisual techniques. Why don’t we hear anything? Why is the link not working? What remote do I need to use for… etc. You probably passed his class anyway, but let’s be honest: malfunctioning audiovisuals are frustrating and don’t add value to your presentation. Especially when you’re already a bit nervous, right? You want to be sure that everything works the way you want.

With a PowerPoint Timer, you don’t need to worry if it’s going to work. It’s going to work. The timer starts running with just one click.

3. The timer is easy on the eyes

Whether you’re giving a presentation as a business owner, consultant, teacher or TED Talker, we live in 2021 and that means that image is key. That’s why you can adjust the PowerPoint Timer to your unique branding style. Font, size, color: be creative! You don’t need to be a graphic designer to make it look fabulous. We can’t have it all, and that’s why we made it so easy for you to customize.